Natalie has been my vocal teacher for two and a half years. She brings the most positive energy that radiates through every lesson. She taught me proper technique and has made me discover my mixed voice! She also forms such a personal connection and makes it a positive environment where there’s always laughter and fun. She helped introduce me to the style of music, jazz. The style that I feel finally suits my voice. She worked with me for months to prepare and to reach my jazz NYSSMA goals. She is the most amazing human being who is so incredibly educated in what she’s doing. She gives me confidence and feeds my drive. Having her as my vocal teacher was one of the best things that happened to me.


Natalie is such a passionate and dedicated teacher as well as performer. She has exposed me to amazing repertoire that challenges me but also shows off my strengths and stays true to who I am as a performer. In lessons she never fails to astound me with tips and tricks to advance my vocals. Natalie gives the best advice and is always willing to help me in any way that she can. She has provided me with a safe space to make mistakes and to take risks that might not always work out. Natalie has helped me expand my range and develop my artistic style. Natalie is such an inspiring, talented, patient, funny, encouraging, and thoughtful person. Working with Natalie has been so much fun and incredibly rewarding. It is such a privilege to get to work with Natalie and I would recommend her vocal training to any aspiring performer.


Natalie is a very talented musician and lessons with her were very inspirational. She helped me feel prepared for my college auditions and validated my decision to study music. She also recommended the school I will be attending in the fall. I am so thankful to have had the opportunity to work with Natalie. She encouraged me to explore different styles and parts of my voice and overall helped me to become a more refined and confident musician.


Natalie has been my voice teacher for six years. Every time I sing with Natalie, it’s fun and exciting.  I look forward to having my lessons with Natalie because I always end up having an amazing time. Natalie is a sweet and caring teacher who truly does her best to make you the best singer that you can be. Natalie understands my voice and makes sure that I am comfortable with the song I’m singing. Overall, Natalie is a fantastic voice teacher and I love our lessons together.


Natalie has taught me so much since I first started with her during the Pandemic at the age of 7. I thought our lessons through zoom were going to be difficult, butI learned so much from her and had so much fun at the same time. After thePandemic, our in-person lessons were even more enjoyable and fun. She helps me format the lyrics of my own songs and gives me such great confidence at the same time when I sing them. Natalie helped with recording a song I wrote about bullying that I entered in a contest for school. She knew the melody I wanted and helped put it all together. That song allowed me to win out of the entire school district and place in the county as a finalist. She is talented in so many areas of music. Her background is very impressive and inspiring to me in so many ways. I always look forward to my lessons with her because I improve a little more each time. She is so patient and kind and always encourages me to do my best.


"Not only has Natalie helped me understand the mechanics of singing, but also how physicality and imagery can be used to free the voice. I enjoy our lessons because Natalie creates an atmosphere of trust, and therefore I feel comfortable to take artistic risks as a singer and actor.”


"I look forward to my lessons with Natalie because she makes me feel confident and her smile puts me at ease. Natalie is kind, and she is always so helpful and patient when I am having trouble. My confidence has grown as a singer with Natalie’s help. I am no longer afraid to sing alone in front of an audience. Natalie is the best vocal coach for me!"


“I have been going from voice teacher to voice teacher for years until I started working with Natalie. Natalie was the first teacher I had that made me love my voice and helped me become more confident with singing different styles of music. She helped me branch out from just musical theatre to classical to even folk. Working with Natalie has been so helpful and I look forward to continuing working with her.”


"I always walk out happier after a lesson with Natalie. She is by far the best voice coach I have ever had, and one of the most skilled musicians I have ever known. She has revolutionized my abilities in composition, voice, and piano. When I started lessons with Natalie a few years ago, I didn't know it would draw a line in my life with a "before Natalie" and an "after Natalie." But now, looking back on the "before," I see how tremendously she has added to my musicianship, and all the opportunities I would never have had if not for her. Any musician who wants to improve in leaps should look to Natalie.”


"Natalie creates such a trusting and safe atmosphere that allows me to really use my voice. I am not afraid to mess up or be judged while in her lessons. She has introduced me to all different types of music and has taught me which songs fit my voice best. From last minute audition preparation to exploring my voice, Natalie has boosted my confidence in my voice and thoroughly taught me how to sing. I look forward to lessons with her every week!"


"Working with Natalie was a rewarding experience—I felt that Natalie prioritized all of my stated goals and pushed me to have greater confidence in my vocal abilities. Natalie demonstrated incredible depth of knowledge on vocal instruction and the science of the voice. In terms of developing repertoire, Natalie approached each lesson with precision and patience and she always pushed me to make a piece my own.”


“Ever since the day I started my singing lessons with Natalie, she has made me feel so confident in my singing voice, and I absolutely truly love every second of our singing lessons that we share together. I have the privilege of getting to work with Natalie every week. Every time I walk out of my singing lessons with Natalie, it always makes my day/night, and I truly always feel so much happier and don’t want them to end. Natalie’s voice is absolutely beyond stunning and having Natalie as my singing teacher has been one of the most amazing things that’s happened to me! Natalie has shown me that my voice can do so much more then I ever imagined. Natalie is so caring, loving, helpful, fun, encouraging, understanding, and beautiful. I would totally 100% recommend Natalie to anyone who wants to pursue singing or playing the piano. Natalie is absolutely amazing and anyone who meets her has the absolute pleasure and privilege of knowing truly how amazing Natalie is. She always reminds me of sunshine because she is always so positive about everything and always has a smile on her face and is ready to go!! Natalie is truly amazing!”


“Natalie was the first person in my life who helped me truly find my voice. For many years, I knew singing was my passion, but I never believed in my voice. I didn’t believe my voice was that powerful. I believed there would be someone more talented, more experienced who would come along. But Natalie singlehandly trained my voice, and it has never been this phenomenal. My voice has grown tremendously. Natalie has such a beautiful approach to music, due to having such multidisciplinary paths and connections to music. Our sessions were useful, fun, and exciting. We always achieved something new and she cares so deeply for our sessions. The breathing exercises and lip trills, tracks, and more, helped me so much. I have never felt this confident in my journey with music. Natalie taught me with nothing except absolute care and tenderness. She supported me, never degrading me for a mistake, just guided me on how to fix it with loving arms. She celebrated me and cared for me and that’s what made me change in the best ways possible. She helped me achieve my dream of getting into the Frank Sinatra School of the Arts for Voice, and she helped me know my worth as an artist. I will be forever grateful.”


"Lessons with Natalie truly provide an interdisciplinary approach to music. She serves as not only my voice teacher, but also my piano teacher, songwriting teacher and even someone to check up on my vocal health. Throughout our lessons, she always keeps a kind and sunny attitude, while also giving critiques. I have been able to progress in many fields of music, all from taking lessons with her. Natalie establishes an environment that helps me to succeed, but also gives me room to grow on my own. It is an assurance that I will continue to improve under her tutelage.”


“Natalie is a passionate and encouraging teacher. She helps me prepare for auditions and performances. Through my lessons with Natalie, we continue to develop a powerful vocal range and fine-tune my unique style as an artist. I am able to approach her with ideas that we can develop together. She is helping me build a strong repertoire of songs, both covers and originals, which I am proud of. I am fortunate to have found her, as she has played an important role in my growth as a singer.”


"Natalie has helped me gain so much confidence in my voice. She has helped me grasp difficult vocal concepts by teaching the material in a way that makes it easy for her students to understand. Natalie always ensures that my voice is well taken care of. During our lessons together she has helped me gain understanding and confidence singing many different styles. Thanks to Natalie, I feel ready to tackle professional auditions because I know I am well prepared. I would recommend her to any singer looking for a great education.”


“Natalie inspires me and with each lesson, she helps me bring my voice to a new level. The way she encourages me and motivates me allows me to be confident in a way that I haven't been before. I may have the voice but Natalie has brought it to life.”


"My experience learning with Natalie was phenomenal! Natalie instantly made me feel comfortable and well supported. Her kindness and effervescence consistently made my sessions a joy and her infectious passion for music inspired me to constantly push my own learning beyond what I thought I could accomplish. She encouraged me to try new styles of music and to explore a range of aspects of my voice.”


"Natalie was my vocal teacher for seven years. She taught me many styles of music and knew exactly what I needed, when I needed it. Not only did we have a great bond, but she understood me and valued my opinion. Natalie helped me to find my voice and made me the singer I am today.”


"Having Natalie as a voice teacher was an incredible experience. She was professional, fun, encouraging, and challenged me to grow in both vocal abilities and confidence. I discovered my voice could reach limits I never thought possible. Her explanations, demonstrations, and imagery was very helpful in making the abstract of singing more concrete. Natalie is an excellent teacher and I’m thankful I got to take lessons with her!”

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